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                                                                  10 THINGS I LOVE





 Friday-- Friday is my favorite day because it's the last day of the school week and I don't have to go to school on Saturday or Sunday.  l can watch T.V. and play outside after l do my homework.  I also can play with my dogs. But l have to do my homework first before l can play.  l love Friday so much.



 Fun-- Fun is my favorite word because it's exciting, happy, and crazy. I have fun every reccess.   I also have fun on the trampoline with my dad, sister, and neighbors.  l also have fun with my mom all the time if we're at the mall.  l also have fun if l'm at a party.



French fries-- French fries are my favorite side food because they're great, hot, and greesey.  I think people call them french fries because they're from France l think.  A lot of people don't eat French Fries because they think they're greesey and have a lot of fat and a lot of  salt on them. I love french fries so much.   If l own a restaurant, l will have a lot of french fries.



 Fish-- Fish is so good that I go to Canada and fish for a week and go back to Michigan and cook the fish and eat it with my family.  Sometimes my family doesn't catch fish, we'll buy it.  The only time we fish is when it's hot, like summer. l fish with my family all the time in summer or on vacation.  People should try fishing. lt's a lot of fun.



Fashion-- Fashion is 30% important to me because I have cute clothes and I wear them to parties or sleepover. Oh, and one more thing about fashion. l was in a fashion show before. I use to like fashion a lot, but l don't that much. Fashion is cool.



 Family-- Family is 10,150% important to me. l see my family all the time. Every holiday, l spend time with my family. My family and l play games or watch movies or talk. l love my family 100,509,878%. That's how much my family is important to me and the world.



 Figs-- Figs are my  3 favorite fruit. My favorite part of the fig is the middle because it's gooey and sweet. There's like little things inside a figs. That's my  second favorite part  of the figs.  l love figs.



Fireworks--   Fireworks are my favorite because they shoot up in the air and they have pretty colors and designs in the fireworks. l also like fireworks because their nice and loud. On June 27,2009, my family and l go to my cousin's old school and wait 'till the fireworks are ready. While we wait, all the kids play on the play ground. Fireworks are cool.



Friends--Friends are fun to have. My friends are a lot of fun. We go to the mall, the movies, and get our nails done. My friends are the best. My friends are cool. 




Fruit--Fruit is my favorite food. My favorite fruit of all is kiwi.  Kiwi can be sometimes sour and sweet. My favorite part of kiwi is the inside because it's sweet.  My favotite part also is the banana part.  Kiwi is so good.








                                                       BY: Troi Sparks







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