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Words That Describe Me

smart,fun,evil,freindly love motercyle ,

love money,bright



My Perfect Day

2:00 wake up

3:35 eat burger king

4:00 eat as much ice cream I can 

4:30 jump off dresser and land on bed 

5:00 boss people around




Places I'd Like to Go

new york city

ceter point 


washtion dc 

new mexsco 

I Am an Expert at...

learnig songs 



riding a motercycle 




Poems I Like

alligator pie:dennis lee

dreams: langston hughes

fibber island:john flasburgh


Poems I Wrote


My Awesome Project 

 10 Thing I Love



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armani said

at 7:02 pm on Sep 7, 2010

hey mr.curran um are we sopose to do the poems

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