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Words That Describe Me




My Perfect Day

8:00 wake up

8:30 eat cereal

8:50 go to Duncan donuts to get ice cream 

9:50 go to museum

11:00 play dress up

12:00 play on computer

1:00 go to applebee's

2:00 go to macys 

4:00 go to park  

5:00 play hair style

5:30 read

6:00 plan a party

9:00 getready for bed

9:30 go to bed 

Places I'd Like to Go


I Am an Expert at...

math, riding bike,cheering,


cookies, making eggs,and also cheerleading.









Poems I Like

"Alligator Pie" by:Dennis lee

"Fibber Island" by: John Flansburgh

"Dreams" by:langston Hughes

"The Dream Keeper" by: Langston Hughes

"Poem"  by:Langston Hughes

"The red wheel barrow" by:Wiliam Carlos Wiliams

"Safety pen" by:Valrie Worth              

"Between walls" by:Wiliam Carlos Wiliams

"Gas pump" by:Jed Cambers

"Ode to my socks"by:Pablo Nerda

"A long rain"John Hains

Hat Story

Poems I Wrote

PicLit from PicLits.com
See the full PicLit at PicLits.com



My Awesome Project

10 things I love

Northeast US Google Map

Book Club Glog

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