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Words That Describe Me










My Perfect Day

8:30 i went to school,3:30 i went home,then at 5:30 i had played with my dog smokey,6:00 i went shopping for new clothes,6:30 i went to the park with my Mom,My Brother,And I.




Places I'd Like to Go

Hawaii,Mane,Ohio,Michigan,South America, New york,Nebraska,India,New Mexico,Alaska,Montana.





I Am an Expert at...

Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social studies, Cheerleading, Riding bike, Being friends, Arming clothes, cleaning up my room, Picking clothes, picking books, riding scooter.



Poems I like ... Daddy long legs,Alligator pie,You can't have it all.


keeper,Between walls,Fibber island,dreams,This is just to say,poem,Broken sandals,gas pump,Ode to my socks.  


Poems I Wrote

Goodbye Hat 




My Awesome Projects

10 Things I Love

Northeast Google Map

Book Club Glog 

DIA Poetry Project






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