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 letter l


flickr.com/photos/ takomabibelot/4337118


lady  gaga          


lady  gaga  is  a  good  sing  and    i  love  her  hair l it   is  really    cute   and   i   love   i  love   her    tattoo  on  her   hand.

and   i   love   all  her   song  but   her   song  telephone  and  women nicer.

i  love   the   way  she dress  and  she   also   have   a  dance  with   all   her   songs.

she  all  ways  has  to   have   a     good   song   and   one   lat  i   love.

lady gaga  has  to   do  stuff  she  dose not   like  and   i love   that  she  sat   in   a  egg  for   three   day   and   she   did"t   like  it  and  i  love   that   because  she   love   her  fans  and   we   love   her.

i love  that   her  stale   is  not   the.

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kaelyn said

at 9:17 pm on Feb 16, 2011

I like the picture Kayla.

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