The letter N






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One Thing I love is Noodles

First I love spaghetti and it haves noodles as you know. The sauce just makes it better and saucy. Also i love chicken breast over noodles with no sauce.  Ramen noodles are good.. I like to cook noodles. Noodles have different kinds of flavors. I like the flavor Chicken.

And Finally The Conclusion!!:Get All Kinds Of Noodles.








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One thing i love is Nachos

First I love tomatoes on nachos because tomatoes are  juicy. My 3rd favorite color which is red that is a tomato color. Another thing is to  add BACON BITS  and tomatoes and. I  add more cheese  to my  nachos. My mom goes to the store and buys ingredients. She buys things like cheese,tomatoes, lettuce, cheese sauce,sour cream, and turkey meat.

Conclusion:Add stuff to make it taste better.







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One thing i love is Nails.

First i love to paint my nails.  I love to paint my nails different colors. Once I colored my nails rainbow colors. I colored my nails red,green,blue,and yellow. I think fake nails are OK.  I like my own nails. I have a big habit of biting my nails so, they are short . I  have no problem

wearing fake nails. Finally I love to polish my nails.  I'm not that good when I polish my right hand with my left hand.

Conclusion:Get lots of fake nails.







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New Years Day


One thing i love is New Years Day.

First I wonder how the Chinese people celebrate their New Years. I want to know, do and try what they do. I love New Years Day because you can do  anything you want. That's what we do over my house,  We have sparkly juice. Sparkly juice is better then chocolate,strawberry, and reg milk. Pop is better than milk and juice. I like a lot of beverages. On New Years Day some one had a gun and he was shooting after New Years cheer. I don't know who it was but it was but I saw a man.

Finally my Conclusion:Get lots of sparkly.    





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New Jersey


One thing I love is New jersey.

First one of the city's in New Jersey is named Elizabeth I  have to say that Elizabeth is a cute name and I wish that was my name was Elizabeth. I do like my name Kaelyn better. I have a friend named Elizabeth but we where friends in the 1st  grade. Did you know that Red Oaks is a tree? Red Oaks is New Jersey's states tree.  A Red Oak  looks pretty cool and I want to learn more about trees. For example like a tree has a trunk,  I don't know where that is in the tree. Blue Birds are the state bird. Birds are cute like Blue birds, and  Road Runners.

Finally my Conclusion: Buy birds and Bird food.



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New York City


One thing I love is New York City

   First  I love New York's Farms because that's where you can get maple.  I love maple I eat it with my pancakes because. I love the maple taste . Then the capital is Albany. Next I want to go to Albany. The Yucca Flower is New York city's state flower. I love the Yucca flower. I like flowers Roses,Purple violet, and,yucca flower . 


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North Carolina


One thing I love is North Carolina

First I want to visit North Carolina. When I visit I'm going to ride on a river called Cape Fear River. I have always wanted to ride on a boat. I also want to see a lot of ducks and stuff . Then I want to go fishing and get a cat fish and all kinds. I know a lot of capitals and lots of things I love all states. The Pine Tree is the states tree I love pine trees because when It's Summer me and my friends  play with Pine Cones.

Finally My Conclusion: Plant a Pine Tree.




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North Dakota


One thing I love is North Dakota

First  North Dakota state Flower is a Rose. I love Roses and different kinds of flowers. I love red Roses. I love Lakes and Rivers because  I love to swim. I like to do the octopus and I like to lay on my back and swim. I want to learn more about the capital.of North Dakota. I want to learn things like what  they look like and give reports on capitals.

Finally My Conclusion:Go to North Dakota.



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One thing I love is Nebraska

 There are two city I want to go to in Nebraska which is Lincoln and Omaha. One day I want to go to Lincoln then Omaha. I want to travel in a van or a car and travel to New York. I want to learn more about. Capital,city's.Like Raleigh,Santa Fe.And Carson city.There are two Rivers in Nebraska . The rivers are ,Platte River, and Republicans River.

Finally My Conclusion:You should visit  lots of rivers in Nebraska.




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One thing I love is Nanny's

First I like when they help you with your homework. Then your mom or dad may not have time to help you.With  your homework Another kind of homework is. Math,Science,and Multiplication and more.Then the nanny(s) can help you with your choirs then other stuff.I love nanny because they do every thing for you some times.Because some times your mom or dad will tell you that. Don't bug her she will quiet. P.S. i don't have a nanny.

Finally My Conclusion:Get nanny(s)