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on February 17, 2011 at 12:47:34 pm




Photo Source:flickr.com/photos/ 73569497@N00/163768663/


One Thing i love is Noodles

First I love spaghetti and it haves noodles as you know. The sauce just makes it better and saucer. Also i love chicken breast with. Noodles with no kind of sauce. Then Raymond noodles are good i love raymond noodles. Because i like to cook and they have different flavors. 

And Finally The Conclusion!!:Get All Kinds Of Noodles.








Photo Source:commons.wikimedia.org/ wiki/File:Flickr_jenner...


One thing i love is Nachos

First I love Tomatoes because there  juicy. And apart of my 3rd favorite color i like. Anothere thing to do isto add BACCON BITS  and tomatoes and. I  add more cheese my mom. Goes to the store and buys ingredients. For the nachos,cheese,tomatoes,and lettuce. 

Conclusion:Add stuff to make it taste better.







Photo Source:flickr.com/photos/ 50116207@N00/115737843


One thing i love is Nails.

First i love to paint my nails. Different colors and once i colored. It rain bow colors. Red,Green,Blue,and Yellow.

Another thing is Fake nails are ok because i like my nails but i. Have a big habbit of bitting my nails. So there short so i have. No problem

wearing fake nails.Finally i love to polish my nails. And i'm not that good when i polish my right hand. With my left hand.

Conclusion:Get lots of fake nails i am.







Photo Source:www.fotopedia.com/ items/flickr-3149007319





Photo Source:www.geograph.org.uk/ photo/1376013



Photo Source:www.flickr.com/photos/ hagengraf/3324200657/



Photo Source;www.flickr.com/photos/ infomatique/4441356105/



Photo Source:flickr.com/photos/ 99909734@N00/1100214361



Photo Source:www.flickr.com/.../ in/set-72157601085420327/




Photo Source:www.everystockphoto.com/ photo.php?imageId=1448715




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