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One thing I love is chocolate. I like chocolate becaues sometimes it have omens in it. I like chocolate with ice cream all the time. I  like chocolate because after I eat more. The reason I like chocolate because it have omens in it and the omens make it taste better. The reason like omens is that it always be in chocolate.The reason I like ice cream because in the summer it is hot so we melt chocolate and put it in our ice cream.In the winter time I make cookies and put hershey kisses on top.



One thing I love is cookies. I like cookies because my mom and I  make them together. I like when my mom makes them because the chocolate chips will be melted in the cookies. I like cookies because they are sweet and delicious. The reason I like cookies because it have flavor. The reason I like my mom's cookies is that she uses the best ingredient like sugar, butter, flour, and my favorite real milk chocolate chips. The reason why  I like cookies is that they come in many diffrent flavors like sugar cookies, peanut butter, oatmeal, butter ball cookies, snickerdoodles, oreoes, and my favorite chocolate chips. Christmas eve is a the best at our house we invite our cousin es over and make all diffrent kinds of cookies even ginger bread houses you are all invited to my house for our Christmas eve cookie  party.




One thing I love is Cedar Point.  I like Cedar Point because it has some of the fastest roller coasters in the world.   Cedar Point also have a lot of great snack places too.  I enjoy going to Cedar Point to ride the Blue Streak roller coaster.  The reason I like Cedar Point because it has my favorite rides, the Pirate Ship and Blue Streak.  The reason I like the Blue streak because it is very fast and has really tall hills.  The reason i like the Pirate Ship because it fells like we are in a real ship. Cedar Point is the roller coaster capital of the world.








  One thing I love is ice cream. I like ice cream because in the summer it is very hot so we get ice cream. My favoite ice cream is cookies and cream. I eat because it gives me a brain freeze. The reason I like ice cream because the summer is great for ice cream. The reason I like ice cream is that it is a refreshing snack.  The reason I like Ice Cream, it melts in your mouth.  My favorite kind of Ice Cream is Cookies & Cream... you should try it! 






    Other thing I love is Fried Chicken.  I like Chicken because I like poultry.  I like chicken when it is hot and jucey.  I like all types of chicken, but I like Fried Chicken the best.  The reason I like chicken because it taste good with Franks Red (Hot Sauce).  The reason I like juicy chicken is because I don't like dry chicken.  The reason I like all types of grilled chicken because it taste good with Bar-B-Que sauce.  So I would leave you with this warning...if the chicken is VERY HOT it might burn your fingers. 





  One thing I love is candy. l like candy because I like sweet things. I like candy because it makes my taste bubs watery. l like candy because it makes me happy. The reason I like candy because I will get hyper. It's a good after school snack for me because I be sleep in my dad's car. The reason I like my taste bubs to be watery because I will get a suger rush. But l always have cavfaties.




  One thing love is Christmas. l like Christmas because l get the most presents . l like Christmas because l get to play games all day. l like Christmas because l go to a Christmas party. The reason l like Christmas the most is that l have a Christmas party and a lot of presents. The reason l play games all day because it won't be nothing to do so l play games. The reason l like Christmas is that l will be out of school for two weeks. Therefor, l enjoy it beacuse we have two weeks out of school. Plys l can have my Christmas party, and play vedo games all day.






  One thing I love is hot coco. I like hot coco because I like the taste of chocolate.  I like to drink hot coco because i'm always cold and the hot coco warms me up. The reason I like hot chocolate because when I am out side playing in the snow and having a big snow ball fight with my brothers and friends, and I get really cold I will go in side and have some hot chocolate it tast so good. I also like hot chocolate because it is made with hot milk and milk is good for your bones, but becareful when you drink hot chocolate if it is to hot it will burn your tongue. 





One thing I love is my cell phone I like my cell so that I can text people. I like my cell phone because if I ever get lost or if some thing bad is happending I can call for help. I like my cell phone because when I go  on trips and I see dirrent or funny things  I can take picture and send it  to my brothers or my friends, and I can show everyone were I am. What I really like about my cell phone is that I can play games on it and I can record my voice. Now I don't have any minutes, I can only text people.  







One thing I love is Alvin and the Chipmunks. I like Alvin and the Chipmunks because they sing. I like the Chipmunks because they have funny voices I like the Chipmunks because they make very funny movies. I like them because they have been around for a long time and they know all the dances like the dougie and the soilder boy kids and adult like the movies and the songs to. You should check out thire movies they are really funny.   




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