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Letter O


 image source:flickr.com/photos/ thoreaudown/4460929557/



                                                                                       Letter O  

One thing I love is the letter O. One it's a letter Two It's a vowel. Three it looks like a zero and a circle. First it looks like a zero and a circle.A zero and a circle are similar to the letter O. Next it's part of the alphabet. It's part of the alphabet because it's a vowel. Finally it's my ten things letter. My letter O is cool that's how I came up with all this stuff.In conclusion, I love the letter O.





                  picture source:commons.wikimedia.org/ wiki/File:Orange_inside...



     One thing I love is oranges. A orange is a Fruit. It's really sweet.Also it has seeds.First the orange has a good taste.The orange has the best taste ever, its juicy too.In addition 

It's a fruit.I love fruits, i'm glad the orange is one.Finally it is cool.If the orange was a superman I would be awesome.In conclusion, I love oranges.


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picture source: opencage.info/ pics.e/large_7714.asp




     One thing I love is octopus. The octopus is a pet.Some of them are colorful.Also it is good to eat.First it is a food.The food of the octopus is kalimari.Next it blends in with their  surroundings.There are two reasons why they do that. It might be because it's trying to hide from a  predator or trying kill prey.Finally it's colorful. One of the octopus  has a lot of spot which are colorful but that kind is  dangerous. In conclusion,octopus are asome.


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photo source:commons.wikimedia.org/ wiki/File:SIMFONICACOBL...




     One thing I love is the orchestra. The orchestra is a group of mucins with a conductor. They play at theaters . Also some times they do solos for songs.First I have a instrument. My instrument is the keyboard ,it's like a piano but way better. Next they play good songs.A song that I heard was Indiana Jones, they played it very well.Finally they go to theaters to play the songs. The theater I saw them play at were at the detroit one.In conclusion,I love orchestras.

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photo  source:commons.wikimedia.org/ wiki/File:Oreo.jpg



One thing I love is oreos. A oreo is a type of food.It's part of an ice cream flavor. Lastly it is sometimes called cookies.First it's really tasty. The oreo is the best snack ever made. second it has icing in it. The icing is so good, even better than the cookies. Finally it's in an ice cream flavor. The oreo is great but now that it's in an ice cream flavor it's even better.In conclusion I love oreos!

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photo source:  flickr.com/photos/ beger/2356560539/




       One thing I love is Orlando.Orlando is a city.It has a basket ball team. And my brother lives their. First Disney world is there. Disney world is awesome. They have the best food,rides and parades.Second it has the team called the magic.The team does well in there games. Finally my brother lives there. My brother lives in the suburbs,the suburb is called Kissime. In conclusion, I love Orlando.




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Photo source: http://search.creativecommons.org/?q=octagon




One thing I love is the octagon. One it's a shape. Two it has 8 side that are equal.They made a stop sign for it. First it's a shape. A shape is a figure that has sides. An octagon is one of the shapes. In addition it has 8 sides. The octagon has 8 sides that are equal. You can make a random figure with 8 sides and it will still be an octagon, but the sides wont be equal. Lastly it is a polygon. Polygons are shapes  that don't curved and are not connected. An octagon is one if you draw it right. In conclusion, I love the shape octagon.

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photo sourcehttp://search.creativecommons.org/?q=ohio




One thing I love is Ohio!One it's a state.Another is it is part of the U.S.A. Finally the population density is 260 to 519. First the population.That is a lot of people for that one place. But detroit is way bigger. Next the basket ball team is cleavland. The team isn't that good anymore because their star player left. Finally it is in the U.S.A. The states are cool with Ohio in it. In conclusion, I love ohio!



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Photo source:http://search.creativecommons.org/?q=ontigo#



One thing I love is the word ontigo. It means doing a beat and not stoping. Its a music word. Finally it starts with the letter O. First it's a music word.I love music, especially because it has the word ontigo. Next it helps a beat. It makes the beat better than by it's self.Finally sticking to a beat. When you ontigo you stay on one beat and never changes.In conclusion, I love the music word ontigo.




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Photo source:http://search.creativecommons.org/?q=october






One thing I love is October!October is  a month. It rains a lot of leaves. It starts with the letter O. First  it rains a lot of leaves. The leaves are cool to play in.Next you get to play outside. The weather isn't that bad in october. Finally it starets with the leter O. Im glad I chose October, I did that because I like the letter O. In conclusion, I love October!


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Photo source:http://search.creativecommons.org/?q=Oilers




          One thing I love is the Oilers.It's a hokey team. Their from Canada. They won the stanley cup.One it's a hokey team. Hokey is awesome to play outdoors.Second They one the Stanley cup. The red wings won the Stanley but the oilers won it more times.Lastly it's the team is in Canada.

Canada has won a lot of games but not more than U.S.A.In conclusion I love the oilers.


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at 9:25 pm on Feb 16, 2011

Like the Oreos

chase said

at 12:54 pm on Mar 2, 2011

Thank you.

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