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My Letter Is B.

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One thing I love is berries. Berries can grow on trees,vines and bushes. Some berries are different sizes and shapes. Berries are good well actually there delicious. One thing I love about it is they sometimes give you less sickness. They are healthy for you.Another thing I love about it is good if you want to loose weight.They are good if you are on a diet.The last reasonI love about it is that they grow on my favorite place that they grow at.They are fresh and growed on farms.In conclusion,berries are very good and healthy.Photo Sourcecommons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Fruit_tartlet...




One thing I love is bears.Bears eat fish and more stuff.Bears can be white,black and brown.They have different names.One thing I love about it is good at finding food.They eat things I love to eat.Another thing I love about is that they are crazy.They are cool.The last reason I love about that they are hardPhoto Source:commons.wikimedia.org/ wiki/File:Brown-bear-in...



One thing I love is Beyonce. Beyonce is married to Jay-Z the raspper.Beyonce is a great singer to.She is a great actress in obcessesed.One thing I like her is she has pretty hair.She has cute clothes sometimes.Another reason I like her is she has good songs.She can sing good at halo her song.The last reason I like her is she is a great singer.She has a nice voice.In conclusion,Beyonce is Awesome.



Beverly Hills

One thing I love is Beverly Hills.Beverly Hills is a great place to have a vacation at.Beverly Hills is A beautiful place to live at.Beverly Hills is a great place to make movies at.One thing I love about it is they have lots of movies there.Another reason I love it there is that it beautiful there.The last reason I love About it is a good place to live at. Photo Source: 



One thing I love is Bells.Bells come in different sizes.Bells are a great instrument to play with.They make different sounds from the little ones to the small ones make different sounds.One thing I love about this is that they are instrument. Bells are my favorite insturment.Another thing I love about bells is they are cool.Bells have a nice sound when u ring it.The last thing I love about bells is in most songs.Like India music.In conclusion,bells are cool insterments.Photo Source:commons.wikimedia.org/ wiki/File:Big_bell.jpg


Bull Dogs

One thing I love is Bull Dogs.They come in many shapes and sizes.They come in colors.Some of them are on tv too.One thing I love about them is they have been on this earth along time ago.Another reason I love about them is they are good dogs.The last reason I love them is they are cool! in conclusion,they are cool.http://search.creativecommons.org/?q=Bull dogs#



One thing I love is batteries.They make things work.They make things light up when we did that science to make the batteries and the wire light up the light bulb.They are put in stuff that need them.One reason I love batteries is they are cool in when we did that thing in science with them.Another thing I love about it is a good source of energy.There good to charge in phones.The last thing I like about it is in many sizes.They have batteries for cars.In conclusion, I think batteries are good around the house.http://search.creativecommons.org/?q=Batteries#


Benjamin Franklin 

One thing I love is Benjamin Franklen.He liked to play chess.Place are named after him.He lived in Philadelphia. One thing I love about him is is he had a dog.Another thing I love about him is he had alot of sisters.The last thing I loved about him is  he was a great person.In conlusion,he was a cool person.http://search.creativecommons.org/?q=Benjamin Franklen# 



  Thwe knwe.bmp


One thing I love is Butterflies.Butterflies are a pretty.They come in different colors.They are sometimes in differnt sizes.One thing I love about them is there are different names like blue mountain butterfly.There my favorite one. Another thing I love about them is they come in different colors.Which can be orange,blue and black.The last thing I love about them is that when they close there wings it looks like some eyes are watching you.Which is very cool.In conclusion I think Butterflys is cool.Photo Source:untitled.bmp




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