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   Friends are going to be there for you if they are your real friend.You need to know your real friends from your UN real friends. A real friend does not tease you. A real friend does not talk behind you back.If you don't know your real friends an you  fake friend. If you tell the a fake  friend a secret they will tell  some body Else. So you can tell by the way they act if they are real of fake . Some times you may not want to eitment it but you have to know they are faking. don't get to close if they are not your real friend. An if you need some one to play with go to your real friend. don't take it if you know they are not your friend they talk about you and other tings don't take it don't be there friend. If you Are only some ones friend because they are popular then you are taking infant  of them so only be.In conclusion what i love best is that friends care for you and that is why you should have a real friend. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friends

 http://search.creativecommons.org/?q=friends talking































     food is some thing you eat. Food is very good. Food keeps you alive.

If you did not eat food you would not be alive. Food fills you up when you are hungry. 

one of my favorite things is food because it is good and it keeps you warm and it is delicious. also it looks good but it can also be expensive. Also don't be greedy because then you won't feel good. and don't rush or you will  choke  and that is not  good. My favorite it thing out of all is  the fries

you can get these stuff at fast food restaurant like Wendy or McDonald and many other places.  the food food is all ways good and that is what i think.














butter fingers

   butter fingers are so so good and they are candy.

also when you eat it you will find it is crunchy . It is good but it is also junk food. so don't eat to much of it.  It is also very good and it is funny also butter fingers. Are a type of junk food.  They are Delicious. almost every body likes some type of candy.  It is not all chocolate it has another thing in it. So don't be fold into thinking it is all chocolate and when you bite it's not all chocolate. My a inyin is that i like it is good to me it may not be good to other pepole but it is good to me.












   fries are very good.  They are salty you can find them at McDonald  and Wendy. 

Also fries come in a lot of sizes . They come in small and medium  and large. Get a small a lot and it is not very high on price. They in my a pinyin i think they are doltish. Some pepole don't like fries but that is there aPinyin. I like them  when they are hot .When they get cold they don't taste good to me in my a pinyin .  to me if they don't have enough salt they taste bad!! that is what i think.

















french Mani

   the first step in doing french Mani. first make your nails strait or close  to strait. then put first lair on.

let dry don't move well shake hand can mess up nail polish. once dry soak. then put clear polish on. once dry put next lair. soak  put design on. leave alone until completely dry. touch to see softly. if not dry leave alone wait a Little longer. should be done now show them off!!


















   fruit  is healthy for you. in my apnein strawberry.  there are many diffrent kinds of fruits. not all  fruits are the same color. not all fruits have the same taste. All fruits are individual and they are all diffrent. you don't have to like all fruits because you don't have to. you should keep eating fruit because it keeps you going. fruit's also have diffrent names because if all fruits had the same name it would be hard to tell a diffrents. the reason why fruits are not the same is because  you would taste the same fruit that would be boring. fruits also have diffrent shapes.






fun is some thing that keeps you from moping also.

fun gives you energy  and you life. it also live in's up the party. it is also in drinks. it is also a tip of energy like it gives you energy. and so fun is really importing. because if there was know fun  then it would be the same old bring day over and over again so keep the party pumping. this is a picture of fun. you see she is smiling and they are having fun. also they are laghing that is another type of fun.
















flickr.com/photos/ 62223337@N00/3770152022



   Fish swim around.And they also eat food. Then they swim around they also lay around. All day fish swim up when they  want you to feed them.  They also swim around when the habitate is new so they need to get us  to it.  They also just watch you. And they live up to a couple years. They are a big responsibility. you will get use to them and they get use to you. they will become like your best friend. 












   Good families like to care about each other. Also families like you and spend time with you.

Families around you should make you save. They will keep you from danger. Also  they will be there fir you when you need some one to talk to. Also you should be able to tell them any thing. They will all ways love you no matter what. You will all ways love them even when you are mad. You will all ways have some memory's to have.

you will have fun with them. You will all ways respect each other no matter what. you have boundaries. 










   Fireworks shot up in the sky. Also it takes a lot of things to get fireworks in the sky.

In one music video Kate perry had fire works.You see fire works on fourth of july.

Fireworks come in diffrent colors.Fire works are very pretty to me.

Fireworks pop in the sky and drift down. Most pepole like fireworks.

People from diffrent areas around the fire work can see perfect. You have to be at a Stein range to see the fireworks at a good angle.

















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