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     One thing I love is ice cream. Ice cream is a frozen treat made of milk, sugar, and some other things. It can be purchased at grocery stores or places like Baskin Robbins. One reason I love ice cream is because it's delicious. In addition, it comes in many flavors. Some of these flavors are chocolate chip and (my favorite) bacon flavor! Also, I love it because it cools you down on a hot day. When I am running around in the summer and all sweaty and stinky and nasty and hot, an ice cream cone is a perfect treat. In conclusion, ice cream is awesome!


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     Another thing I love is the song "In the Name of Love." This is a song by the band U2. The song is about justice and peace around the world. It has a verse about Dr. Martin Luther King. One thing I love about this song is the guitar part. The U2 guitarist, The Edge, plays awesomely on this song. In addition, I also love how the lyrics reference Dr. King. He is a hero of mine and it's cool that they put him in this song. It fits perfectly with the song's message of peace and love. A final reason I love this song is because it's catchy. It gets stuck in my head, especially the chorus. As you can see, "In the Name of Love" is a sweet song.





PHOTO SOURCE: http://www.scribd.com/full/48972212?access_key=key-61cic9nfvqn49dhjqd9


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     One place I really love is Idaho. It is one of the United States of America. It has a population of about 1.6 million people. Also, its capital is Boise. One thing I love about Idaho is how beautiful it is there. The Rocky Mountains and the dense forests make it a very scenic and peaceful place. In addition, I love the little towns they have there. Places like Pocatello, Couer d'Alene, and Twin Falls are quaint and charming. The final reason I love Idaho is because my favorite college football team, the Broncos of Boise State Universityplay there. I could really see myself living in Idaho someday and hopefully I'll get to visit soon. As you can see, I love Idaho!


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     Another thing I love is ice hockey. Ice hockey is a sport that was invented in Canada. The best ice hockey league is the NHL. There are 30 teams in the NHL and the Edmonton Oilers are my favorite. It is also an Olympic sport. One reason I love ice hockey is because it's such a fast game. It moves really quickly and it's action packed. In addition, I love ice hockey because they have the coolest trophy ever, The Stanley Cup. It stays with the team that wins it for the year that they are champions. Furthermore, it's cool because every player from every team that has won the Cup is engraved on the Cup! The final reason I love ice hockey so much is because to play it you have to be a great athlete. The men and women who play it have to be strong and fast and have to take a beating every game. Obviously, ice hockey is something I love a lot! Go Oilers!



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One poet I love is Kobayashi Issa. Issa was a Japanese poet. He lived from 1763 to 1828. Issa is one of the most famous haiku writers of all time. One reason I love Issa's poems is because he is so good at capturing a scene in just a few syllables. When I read one of his haiku, I can picture it very clearly in my head. Also, he makes it seem so easy...although it really isn't. When I try to write a haiku, it never sounds as good as his! A final reason I like his poems is because they are sometimes very funny. Issa has a good sense of humor and he put that into a lot of his haiku. As you can see, I really like Kobayashi Issa a lot.


Photo Source: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Datei:Kobayashi_Issa.jpg




One other thing I really like a lot is imagination. Using your imagination means making things up that aren't real. It requires you to be very creative. Also, it is very helpful when playing or writing or making art. One reason I love imagination is because I think it's important! People who have a good imagination are able to create new things and inventions and also make things better. Another reason I think imagination is important is because it makes life more fun. If you can imagine things it makes everything more interesting and enjoyable, especially playtime! Furthermore, without imagination, we wouldn't have wonderful music to listen to or art to look at or beautiful buildings and architecture and we wouldn't be able to create those things ourselves, either. As you can see, I think imagination is really important.


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One of the greatest movies ever is called Inception. It was released in 2010. This movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page. In addition, it was directed by Christopher Nolan. One reason I love this movie is because of the concept. It's about people who can "break into" other people's dreams. I think that's pretty cool. Another reason I love this movie is because of the special effects. When the characters are in the dreamscapes, crazy things happen. For example, buildings start turning upside down or trains appear out of nowhere. Finally, I love this reason because of the main character's quest. He is trying to be allowed to see his daughter again and this makes the movie very emotional and dramatic. In conclusion, Inception just might be the greatest movie ever.


Photo Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2e/Inception-wordmark.svg



Another thing I love is Greek Mythology, especially the story of Icarus. Icarus was the son of Daedalus. Daedalus invented wings so that he and Icarus could fly away from the island of Crete. He warned Icarus not to fly too close to the sun, but Icarus didn't listen and so he fell into the sea. One reason I like this story is because of its message. The lesson you can learn from this story is not to try to do more than you are capable--don't be cocky and overconfident. Another reason I like this story is because it is a story that everyone can understand. It makes sense to both children and adults. In addition, a third reason I like this story is because it's a good one to teach. In fifth grade I teach a mythology unit and my students always like the story of Icarus. In conclusion, the story of Icarus is one of my favorites.


Photo Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:%27The_Fall_of_Icarus%27,_17th_century,_Musée_Antoine_Vivenel.JPG



Another thing I love is my iPod. An iPod is a device made by Apple. It can play music, podcasts, and more. It comes in different types: Shuffle, Nano (which I have), and Touch. One reason I love my iPod is that I can put all my favorite music on it. It has many gigabytes of space and that's a lot of music. I never run out of room on my iPod. Another reason I love my iPod is that I can take it anywhere. I can wear it while jogging or even while cleaning the house. In addition, I can even wear it at the grocery store when I'm shopping. A final reason I love my iPod is because it's well made. It never breaks or malfunctions like other cheap music players. As you can see, I obviously love my iPod.

Photo Source: commons.wikimedia.org/ wiki/File:IPod_nano_5G.png






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