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Page history last edited by shauntia 11 years, 9 months ago

 What we did

We went to the dia and we saw different art and we were to choose your favorite and make a poem and 

the year and artist.


 When i looked at the art i liked i wrote a poem about it

and what i thought it repent some of them. 




model of a horse unknown artist




yes i know I'm

a horse

it looks like

i'm hurting  the horse 


but i'm not please don't

get me

mixed up




partial coffee and tea unknown artist


i'm a tea pot


all alon

yes i'm

very sad

but don't

worry about





steel,etched, and glcked bone by william


yes i am


very dangrus


and your great's


threat and enime



box with design unknown 


yes i'm a 

treasure chest

and i 



speachle stuff

including what


you most desire 




lion's head unkwon  


 www.flickr.com/photos/ 25933841@N07/3186257416/

Remove frame 



rar run 

befiore i

come didn't 

i say run

you stubern


i'm going 

to eat you



Aromor unknown

i am

your night

in shineing


i will

shild you 

from all







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