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What We Did:

We went to the DIA Museum and we took pictures of the paintings that we was going to write them as poems.



It was very cool to see the art work and we wrote good poems,and it was very fun.




The Woman

Inspired By: The Mummy By: Unowned Artist 


The mummy in there,

Is now all in bones forever.


In the DIA museum ,

Which is the one your in.


Has been asking are u ever coming

to life,

But I say no.


Because the dead

Doesn't come back to life,

In the real world.


But only in none

Real movies.


The light in the sky is

With you,

Enspecentally god is there

To keep you safe now.


While you RIP.


The Wore

Inspired By: Unowned Title By:Edouard Duval Carri'e


 The dogs with the snake tough,

Your army clothes will lay with you.


While you sleep during,

The rest of the fight.


And you will never

Fight again or,even

Ever again.


Your Life Together

Inspired By:Untitled By:Unknown


Your strong shield,

The old drawing on you in the 1800's.


The person that wearied  you

Has been the most elegent king of earth,

As ever.


Now your not with that person again,

And you will never see him again.


So your not the best thing to be worned again.


Tea Set

Inspired By: Tea Set By:Bizen kilns 


Your art is amazing,

The light that glows on you.


Your soul is in heaven,

As you break in pieces.


That Lady

Inspired By: Girl With Plant By: Fernand Leger


The lady with the purls,

The beautiful rainbow colors on her.


A rainbow has sprayed on her,

During the rain.


Flowers for lady's day,

The make up for thank you.


The Button

Inspired By:Untitled By:Martin Puryear


The color black on you,

Your round circles.


The lines that leave empty spaces,

You are a amazing art work.


Since you've been in that dreadful museum.


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