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One place I would like to go is bali. One reason I would like to go there because it a great place for kids. The polyneisian  is a island  in  the south paccifiic is widely touted as the moust strikingly beautiful island in the world. Their are lot of thing to do their. You can teach you kids how tob  dance. You can also win gold meld good  thing for gore up

do to the sower. Go . Bali is a good place to go on a trip with you family and when you get there you can go check in your room you can get set up and then you can go to the pool or you just have fun. you can't forget to go to the  gif shop to get something to remaber  you trip to Bali. You should also  go there to just get away from home. You can go there for you can just have fun with you kids. And when I get a little older I want to go there with my family and friends to have fun. I hope who ever go there have good or great time there in Bali. if you go to bail you will want to bring summer corth because it will be hot the best thing you can do is have fun with your family and friends so don't forget to have fun with your mom,dad,sister,brother,wife,hubin or who ever you go with. when you go there go to the best hotle on the iland  






Igauaz falls


One place I would like to go is Igauaz falls. You can go the water fall. Igauaz falls streathches along a 3 kilometer [nearly 2 miles] long rim that  is shared by ar g er thing and  brazil I was flabbergas ted watching it thurderoder ofa 24 story building in in the igauaz falls  the hig hight gournd below.It a great place for grow up to have fun by there silf.Moms and Dads can go swing and hey can go swing.You can also go golfing and miming golf.You can go to the sea and go fish and go to the moivies and you also go get gift from to the gift shop  and you can go swing and the water fall.It a great place for kids. Your Kids can go play in the play room. They also can go to the swing pool and the can fish with therlding [see photo] panter they you can go dances to.you have to go in the spring because the winter will be to cold and the summer will be to                            cold.the water fall is so mush fun when you can take a picture of it and remeber is forever I always want to go to a water fall with my family and my best friends you should go have fun with your friends and family I hope who ever go there have a lot of fun with you family. The gift shop  has a lot of thing that you can take home and remanber the you had wit your friends. Your kids may want to go swing so toke them to the pool eare.






The golden temple


One place I would like to go is the golden temple.you can go see all of the new house.the tiny golden temple in amritsor,india has a glorius setting.it resides by it if the middle of the blue sacred pool of nected the body of wateris framed on the all four sides by a backdorp at brigth-withe building symbol of holy temple- and the bonding symbol of ski  around the world.do not miss the tranquil and mesmerzingritual that take place in side the two-story golden temple.It is spiritually moving to both sikhs and non-sikh svisitors.

You can as a visitors may observe the non-stop creemony from the second floor balcony. It provides an up close view. You can go see the great houSe that there. You can also go to the house to look in them incave you want to move in .When you should go. You should go in the spring or the summer because the the winter will be to cold.the nise golden house that you would see.and take a turran and have a lot of fun but you are can 't live in the house I want to live in the house before






Golden pavilion


One place i would like to go to is the golden pavilion.you can go see the golden pavilion.the building in kyoto,japan sits on a serene pound which neflects the beauty of the golden pavilion.this cerates on of the worlds loveliest setting.long-time painting .long before the camera was invented the golden pavilion be come a prized subject for japan artists.boots tourism the resulting artists exposure soon lured countless japan to visit kyoto to view the striking golden pavilion fist hand to day it draws tourists form around the world. when you should go .you should go in the in the spring or the summer  because the winter will be to cold.also you can go have fun.You can go in the the golden pavilion like just there and let them take you older they sale siush and there  food is the best food in the world. there noodle are so  good.









The great wall of chine 


One place I would like to go is the great wall of chine. I would like to go there because you can look all over chine.it is by man kinds most extensive comstraction and eavor. In its hey day in the 16th and 17th centuries is snaked 6400 kilmoetes or 400 across nothe chine. the 4 most of the popular coast wall of chine. below are the four most visited great wall locations all are near near of below.what you can win gold meld you can go win lot of gold meld. it also a go great place for kids kids can get up and run up the wall of chine.you will have fun when you walk up the great wall of chine you would have a good work out you will lot of fun with your family if you go to the great wall of chine your kids will love to  have a race up the wall of chine .if the best time to go is in the summer the winter will be to cold.I hope ever one that go there have a good time.I alway want to go to the great wall of chine because it will be a good time to send with your family 







The Pyramids of Eygt 


One place i would like to go is the pyramids of egypt.you can go see the pyramids.the pyramids of egypt are fan bigger then most people would imagine.they are even more amazing when we consider that they were build near 4600 year ago. when you should go.you should go in  there in the

spring or summer because if you go in the winter it will be to cold and the spring will be to warm and it will be to hot in Eygt.it a great place to learn thing about the pyramids. you gold medal. you can win gold medal only the top 100 of the world.100,000 tevel attractrons win good medal

if you want to go there because you can go in to the pyramids to see where the king tomb are at you get to see the thing that were bury with them and go see there bodies I hope who ever go there have a lot of fun I  know I will.if you go there mack sure you get thing that will beat the heat you should go in the spring because it will be  vary vary vary hot you will need water,sun bock,sun glass,hats and you can not live the house with out a bag of ice. 





Votior falls


One place i would like to go is votior falls.one reason i would like to go there is because you can look at the pratty water falls. the water fall is partty because you can look at the nics water fall as it spake in the sun .anthouth reason is that you should go there because it a great place for you to learn about how long the water fall been there. you can also learn about who dieatit it.when you should go. you should go in spring or the atumer. because the winter will be to cold. and the summer will be to hot.it a great  place for people to get away from home.it a great places for kids.












One place i would like to go is petra. one reason i would like to go there is becaues you can go see the old house  it is an ancient city of tombs, temples and other monumental buildings carved into solid sandstone cliffs in arid gorges in southern jordan.when you should go there.in the spring or the autumn they are the best seasons.summer can be to hot and the winter will be to cold.the nabataeans the cliff building of petra were scupted by the nabataeana, an arab tribe that flour ished from around the 4th century bc to 106 ad when the romans took conrol. they were remarkable engineers who constructed a sophisticated pipe and tunnel water system to bring in drinking water and keep out flash floods. you can win gold medle.you can win meldes only at the top 100 place in the world

in the wold  only 100,000 people in the world win one.







Bora Bora


One place I would like to go is bora bora one reason I would like to go there because its a fun place to go. The player sian island Bora Bora is in the south pacific is wild touted as the most striking beautiful places in the world. It is a lot of thing to do there. You can go dancing with the people from the island plus win gold medal. you can sit on the beach and look at water while reading a book. it is a great place for kids to go too.  Kids can go to the water park and dance with there parents. the best time to go is from May to september when sunny days abound.






Angel Falls


One place I would like to go is Angel Falls. I would like to go because you can go see the beautiful water falls. Angel fall is the highest waterfall in the world. the water drops 979 meters (3212 feet) over 80% of that distance is free fall.  I recommend visiting during the heart of the rainy season june to october when angel falls is in its full strength and glory.  During the core months of the dry season january to april. Angel fall can shrival to a skinny practical nothing . what water goes the moutaintop brink usually vaporizes into mist before reaching the groung.









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