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One place I would like to go is California. I would like to go there because Hollywood is there. Hollywood is where Celebrities live also the weather is great there. I have been to California before but I was real little like about 1 1/2. I don't really remember how the state looks or how fun or boring it is.  Another reason I would like to go there is because of the celebrities. Celebrities I would like to meet is Mindless BehaviorDiggy or Jaden Smith. I would be so much fun to meet them in person. That's another reason why i want to go to California. Lastly I want to go there because of the weather. In California it's mostly warm or hot. Some of my dad's side of the family lives there, I've heard the weather is great and just right. In the winter & fall it's at least warm. That's why I want to go to California.


Photo Sources: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cityprojectca/3796152911/

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New York


One place I would like to go is New York. I would like to go there because of there because of the Statue Of Liberty. The Statue Of Liberty is this big green statue of a women with a light in her hand. It represents freedom for human rights. I would love to see the statue in person. Another reason I would like to go there is because of the busy streets. New York is mostly known for there subway. My aunt does plays and directs in New York. She says the Subway is really bumpy and smells nasty. Lastly I want to go there because the weather is the same as here in Michigan. Michigan is mostly cold or warm in some what. I believe New York is colder than Michigan. Times Square is also why I would enjoy going there. Times Square is where the ball drops on New Years. That's why I would like to go to New York.


Photo Sources: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mromega/2988071273/





One place I would like to go is Florida. I want to go there because of Disney World. I've been there but I would like to go there again. When I was there I was only 7 years old. I went in the upside down building. The stairs were on the ceiling. We had a condo to stay in not a hotel, we had celebrated Mothers Day there. Another reason I want to go there is because of there beaches. The beaches are beautiful. In the moonlight the water looks pretty. I would love to swim in the water or at least see it in person. Finally I want to go there because of the fun and excitement you will have. You can first go to Disney World. Then to the Fabulous beaches. Florida is #2 out of my top 3 Places to go.


Photo Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/expressmonorail/2736178554/

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One Place I would like to go is Ohio. I would like to go there because of Cedar Point. I've been to Cedar point. I only went twice and I was only 9years old. I remember having a great/fun time at Cedar Point. Cedar Point is a amusement park with so many interesting rides. My favorite ride at Cedar Point was the Dragster, the Dragster is a ride that goes up then waits then goes down SO fast. Another reason I would like to go there is because its easy to get there from Michigan. I want to go back to Cedar Point maybe this year (2012) and get there quick so I can get back home quick. Michigan Adventures is closer than Cedar Point but Michigan Adventures doesn't look that Interesting. I haven't been to Michigan Adventures so I can't judge it like that based on the commercials. To get to Cedar Point is only 120 miles,2hours and 35 minutes with no traffic and if you take 1-75 S and OH-2 E. The Last reason I would love to go to Ohio (again) is because of the Toledo Zoo  . I think in third or second grade we went to Ohio to the Toledo Zoo, its kind of the same thing as the Detroit Zoo but longer/Bigger. The bad part is you have to do alot of walking the good part is you can see more animals. At the Detroit Zoo you can see when you first come in the to lions or bear or whatever statue is in the water and you can make wishes by throwing pennies in the water. That's why I want to go to New York.      ( In picture the the yellow ride is the DRAGSTER)


 Photo Sources:                





One place I would like to go  is Mississippi. I would like to go there because of the Mississippi River. I was reading this book called One Crazy Summer By Rita Williams-Grarcia. When the three kids were on the plane they saw the Mississippi River on the way to somewhere to find there mother. The Mississippi River is beautiful. Another reason I want to go there is because of the humid long summers & short mild winters. I'm not trying to say the weather so the climate average in the winter is in Jackson from December to February is 55 in the day 35 at night. In spring from March to June is 82 in the day and 61 at night. Summer from July to September is 91 in the day and 70 at night. In October to November is 66-77 in the day and at night 43-52. The final reason I would enjoy going there is because like I said really beautiful state to be in. I would like to go there for a vacation if i don't get to go to Cedar Point,California or Florida I would very much enjoy going to Mississippi for a while. In conclusion to this paragraph about Mississippi I would like to say again it's very PRETTY and I would recommend people to go there. That's why I want to go to Mississippi.

Photo Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/djof/5735197363/

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One place I would like to go is Hawaii. I would like to go there because Hawaii has lots of islands. Hawaii's islands are Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui & Hawaii or Hawaii's Biggest Island. I think that it's cool that Hawaii is it's own Island. People got confused with Hawaii and Hawaii. So they called the Island Hawaii's Biggest Island. Another reason I would like to go to Hawaii is because it looks like a place where people can really relax and have a great time or forget about there stress. The islands look so relaxing. If I was able to go to Hawaii for a week I would play in the water and the sand. Hawaii has islands that are really big and really small. An example of a big island is Hawaii's Biggest Island an example of small island is Lanai. Lastly I would like to go to Hawaii because of the view of the beach. If you have a GREAT hotel with a good view and you can see one of there islands that's really cool. In the sunset the water looks pretty and as the wind pushes the water it looks magical. That's why I want to go to Hawaii.

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One place I would like to go is Canada. I would like to go there because when I was at Belle Isle I saw Canada well like a really small part of it. To me every time I go there it looks like a good place to be.  When your at Belle Isle all you see is buildings and one time I saw a amusement park. Another reason I would like to go there is because a Canadian named Justin Bieber is from Canada. I do not like him at all but I just found out he was from Canada when I saw my cousins CD. I'm saying Justin Bieber is a bad person and horrible but I just don't like his voice. Lastly I want to go there because of Niagra Falls. I would like to go there because I love to look at the water and the falling of the water. There are lights under the water fall to make it look like the water was changing colors. I really want to go there again to see all of these things again.


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One place I would like to go is Washington. I would like to go there because the White House is there. I would love to meet Malia and Sasha also there dog. They have a puppy named Bo. When they got him he was a six months old Portuguese. He is the color of black with white on is tummy. Another reason I want to go there is because at night the White House has water that lights up like Niagra Falls lights do. It's like glowing off of the water it looks really cool. Some of the colors are Blue,White,Green,Pink and Purple. Like Niagra the water looks pretty like that. Lastly I would like to go there because meeting the president would mean alot to me. Meeting the first black president would be so exiting and a one in a life time chance. For some people it would be the time of there life, it's some peoples dreams to meet the first black President. That's why I want to go to Washington. 


oembed errorPlugin error: This URL is not valid for embedding: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPuQEG19BIM

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One place I would like to go is Texas. I would like to go there because I would like to see my cousins. My cousins live in Texas because there dad is in the army so they move where he has to go. I really only see them like if i'm lucky once a year in the summer. My cousin Olivia is 8 years old the same age as my brother just 2 months apart and Maya is 14 years old turning 15 in July. Another reason I want to go there is because like California and Florida Texas is HOT. When my mom sent a picture of the snow to Olivia she thought it was amazing. The only whether they have is rain,sunshine or humid. I've only been to Texas once and would like to go back not just because my cousins live there but because of other things. Finally I would like to go there because of Sea World. I love animals and Sea World is like the zoo but it's just sea creatures. You can also swim with the dolphins there but it cost $550. This why I would Love to go to Texas again. 

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One place I would like to go is Indiana. I would like to go to Indiana because Holiday World is there. When they first made Holiday World in 1946 no one really came to the amusement park but when they added Splashin' Safari Water Park in 1993 more people came and more people were interested in coming to Holiday World. The Park has been awarded the Friendliest and Most Clean Park in the Golden Ticket Awards. They have gotten 1st or 4th  place in the best wooden coaster. Another reason I would like to Holiday world is because of the rides. Since of the name Holiday World the park is Holiday themed all year round, they only have 3 holiday themed rides that fit the Holiday and they are Halloween, Christmas & Independents Day. They only have a few small kiddie section for the younger kids such as 5 or 6 and younger. Some rides are really off subject. Lastly I would like to go to Holiday World is because I've been to most Amusement Parks that I could think of but I know that there is a lot more parks around HERE. This summer I know I've said I want to go to California, Florida and all these other places but if I really had to pick I would pick Holiday World for sure. I can't even wait to get a chance to go there.

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