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One place I want to go is paris.

One thing you can see in paris is the iffel tower. The capital is franc. One thing you can see in paris is the iffel tower.The capital is france.  Paris’s original name was Lutetia Parisiorum. One reason you would like to go to paris is that they have disney land.If you have kids that would be a great place. In paris you can go to the art museum . you can also eat french food. Another thing is you can learn how to speak french. Or see a french mine









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One place I want to go is hawaii.

Hawaii was descoverd by polynes settlers . Also You can learn how to do the Hawaiian dance . Another thing is You can just stay in one of there beautiful rooms there . Also it is very big. Another thing is it is on a island.

 Gray. hawaii is a place to relax. They have very comfterble hotel rooms. Also is you have kids then you can take there to the pool. Another thing you can do is go mingle with other people.  

State Capital: Honolulu.Languages Spoken: English, Hawaiian, Pidgin, Samoan, Tongan.State Song: "Hawai`i Pono`i".

State Bird Nene The Hawaiian goose(Branta sandwicensis). State Flower Yellow Hibiscus State Dance Hula.Official Colors:Hawai`i = Red Maui = Pink O`ahu = Golden Yellow .Kaua`i = Purple`i = GreenLana`i = OrangeNi`ihau = White Moloka

Kaho`olawe =








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One place I  want to go is Miami.

Miami was founded on. July 28, 1896.They also have climate were it is always sunny !! Also you can see the south beach You can go to the bayside market place. located on calle ocho in the heart of little havana is the art of freedom cafe and art gallery. Also another thing is you can out doors.Go play base ball.In miami they love base ball.You can go to south beach.









Read more: http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/North_America/United_States_of_America/Florida/Miami-763637/Things_To_Do-Miami-TG-C-1.html#ixzz1nmWml8nV


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One place I  want to go is canada

Canadas population is really big. Also you can meet new people there. Another thing is you can have a vacation there. You can go to the canada carnival cruise there. You can enjoy your self. You can have fun . another thing is there land marks. You  can get a tour . Also you are able to get your nails did . You can go to the park. I want to go there.



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New york


One place I want to go is new york.

When in new york you can see the statue of liberty . The largest town is chinese town.New yorks state capital is Albany.There biggest city is new york.There state name is The Empire state.The state song is i love new york.There state bird is a blue bird.  Also there state fish is called brook trout . Another thing is their state mammal is a beaver . Finally there state shell is a bay scallop.



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One place I want to go is louisiana.

louisiana state bird is a eastern brown pelican.the capital city is Baton Rouge . You can learn about that state there. 

Another thing you can do is get away from family. Also you can learn some thing you did not know about that place. You can see there state animal. Another thing is see state fish. Another thing is louisana is awesome. Also you can go to gergas shack for some gooood food.




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one place I want to go is kentucky.

The capital of kentucky is Frank fort.You can get so kentucky fried chicken.You can learn new things.Also they have a fun center there. In the u.s they don't have that. You can learn about what they do. They have chicken in the fun center. Also you can go to a hotel and relax . You can go swimming in kentucky . Kentucky is a great place. I want to go to kentucky.




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one place I want to go is L.A.

You can go hiking. Also you can go to the beach.Another thing is you can relax at the beach. Another thing is you can go swimming.

Also you can go to the animal kingdom. You can see animals. You can go swimming to.Also you can go golfing. You can also go to the gym and work out. Another thing you can do is go to Griffin park. You can also go disco roller skating . 



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Holly Wood


One place I  want to go is. You

 can see the holly wood walk of fame. Also holly wood is famous.If you are lucky you will see famous people. Another thing is you can go to the beach. You can go surfing. You can go swimming. You can see the hollywood sign. Also the hollywood wax museum. As you can see i would like to go to hollywood.



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One place I want to go is ohio.  One reason why is because you can go to cedar point . Also you can go swimming.Another place you can go is Kalahari. Ohio has a lot of fun places for kids. You can come here for vacations . One other place is King's island. You can do a lot of stuff in ohio. Ohio is a great place. I want to go to Ohio.







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