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Traverse City

One Place I Would Like To Go Is:Traverse city One reason is. want to go is. They have great big Light House.The place's in Traverse City is the best.And another reason is Griffith Park.It's very awesome it has all kinds of things.A final reason is Graurnans Chinese Theater.It's a Hollywood Wax Museum.And there other awesome museums.


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One Place I Would Like To Go Is:Miami Florida One reason is.It's warm and they have nice beaches.Because i want to visit Miami Heat team.And another reason is.It's the second populous of florida.Area about the largest in the state with and estimated population of over 5.4 Million.And a final reason is.Be on a beach and across Biscayne Bay it's a frost art museum star island Venetian pool.



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One Place I Would Like To Go Is:Alexandria One reason is.Because they have a Palace Montazah.They have nice beaches.And they have huge theaters buildings.And they have lots of cool places. Another reason is Tomb of the unknown Soldiers.Alexandria national museum.Graeco Roman museum.And museum of fine arts.And a final reason is Ras El tin place. They have a national  institute for Oceanography.And royal jewelry museum.Also presidential palace might be nice.



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Best Western 

One Place I Would Like To Go Is:Best Western One reason is.They have a long huge slide.It's a arcade room a workout room.And they have huge room's and pool's.And the water is very deep but i can swim in it.And they have ay room.And it's very fun it has a long hall way i be mad because i be so geeked and it take's a minute.And i be getting mixed up with little baby kitty the room's.


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One place i would like to go is:Atlanta Georgia one reason is Atlana Georgia because it's very hot there.Another reason is they have sweet water parks and when you are in the woods when it's night time you see animal eye's everywhere.In conclusion and i seen the Atlanta Falcon's and the Cincinnati Bengal's.And Atlanta is a good place for you to go.



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Cedar Point 

One place i would like to go is:Cedar Point one reason is.the have the dragster and the Gimano.Another reason is the have a 3 point shootout section.In counclusion they have a water park right across the street and they got game's that you can win huge prize's it's a very fun lace you can go to and have fun with your Friend's/Family.


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One place i would like to go is:Kalahari one reason is.it's a GIANT water park with huge slides.Another reason is the whole place is like a jungle and they have animal.When i went there it was a baby Tiger.In conclusion they had monkey basket ball rim's a wave pool and a giant slide you can arc on and your on like  a surf board that bend at the front and it's a water slide.



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6 Flags

One place i would like to go is:6 Flags one reason is.It's just like cedar point.Another reason is it's like kalahari and cedar point put together wouldn't that make a awesome place.And as you can see it would be a good place for you to go for your Birthday or hangout with your friends.I haven't been there before but im looking forward to it.



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Michigan Adventure's

One place i would like to go is:Michigan Adventure's one reason is.It's very fun ride's there.Another reason is.They have a ride like a Tornato and you be like on a slide and when you get to the end you land in the waterand you have to hold your breath.Furthermore is it's a good place you can go to and it's a very huge place.



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One place i would like to go is:Hawaii one reason is.It's very hot here and they have awesome beaches.Another reason is.You see lots of people there and it would be a good place for you and your family to go.In conclusion.I hope to go there someday and i think i would have a great time and wrap all that together i would make a good place.


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