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 10 Places

Las Vegas

One place I would like to go is Las Vegas. I would like to go there because it is a big place. Its a place mostly for grown ups and has a lot of things that grown ups can do there  like go to the casino or clubs. Its a place were people wake up and never go to sleep. Its not a calm place its a place like if you are a party person you go there. If you are a person who just sits there than you should't go there. Its not a very safe place. A lot of people get arrested for bad things that they do like being rude and disrespecting the law. Also getting very drunk and doing bad things. Sometimes people get off the hook and get a ticket but if the police has to say something again they have to go to jail.http://www.flickr.com/photos/thomashawk/5659767510/  

One place I would like to go is france. One reason I would like to go there because you can explore  and learn about  lots of different things there and about what things they do different there. You  can explore Chartres Cathedral and learn what they do for fun. You can see how they eat and what they eat and what do they eat and drink. They maybe do stuff different and they don't clean there milk when they get ready to drink it. They eat stuff that none of you mite have heard of. ( You can climb Montartre Hill in pairs. It will be a cool thing if you are a type of person who likes to hike and likes to climb and is not scared. France is a romantic place. This is why I want to go to france. http://www.flickr.com/photos/stuckincustoms/194863333/  



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One place I would like to go is Ohio. I would like to go there because it is a hot place and is a good place to go to. You can go to the beach and a ship or party bout. They also have Ceterpoint. It is a good family trip and Girl scout go there all the time. Ohio can be great place to get yourself into. Its a place you can go if you don't like the cold. There is a Jazz and Ribs festival there. You can also go to the Cincinnati Zoo there. PLus you can go to the  Ohio state fair. To the north of Ohio you can go to lake Erie. You can see a nice view. Its a nice place to get married at. 



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One place I would like to go is Hawaii. I would like to go there because you can do activities like swim with Dolphins. You can also go scuba diving. Its a wild and fun thing to do. The North of Hawii is the Pacific ocean. You can go there and stand by the water It will be a big and awsome site. You  many fish. Its even more fun you can go to the Molokini Crater. If you like to be under water with fish. The best way to get there is the snorkeling cruise.


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One place I would like to go is California. I would like to go there because thats were all the famous people are . You can go to more big place than what you would see in las vegas. You can see google and were they make a lot of movies. Also you can go to see celebrities . You can see if you never seen it before you can see a volcano in california. There is a volcano in california it is very  cool and big and tall its also close to the houses so when It erupts everyone has to go somewhere far from it. California people do a lot of cool things like dog surfing. A lot of dogs are pros at surfing.Its cool for you and your dog because your dog wins and you  when a metal or trophy.


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Niagara Falls

One place I would like to go is Niagara Falls. I would like to go to Niagara Falls because it is very romantic and it has lights that are colorful and shines in the dark. USA gives their  visitors a unique, natural, up-close experience of the Niagara falls. 17 miles  north-northwest of Buffalo, New York.You can get on the maid of mist its a bout ride that takes you down in niagara falls. You get to go by the falls and feel the mist. Another thing you can do is go on the Dare Devil tours. The dare devil tours is were people challenge to go across the niagara falls in a barrel or about. Mob tours is a crime history tour in the bus tour you will learn the history of the  Magadinno family.Plus see hide outs and houses. 


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One place I would like to go is Texas. Texas  is the second largest and second most populous state in the United States of America. One thing you can do is San Jacinto Battleground State Historical Park its a park were Sam houston's battle against the Mexican army in 1836. A fun thing you can do is go to six flags and thats were you get to go on the fun rides and stuff like that. Another thing you can do is take a leisurely inner tube trip down the Comal,Guadalupe, or Frio rivers. You can go to there barbecue cook off. Last thing is you can weekend at the old west ranch. Its a ranch that you stay at and you can do lots of activities. Its cool. This is why i want to go to texas.


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New York

One place I would like to go is new york. I would like to go there because you can see the statue of liberty. They have a lot of parades. One parade is the Macys Parade. Its at central park every thanksgiving morning and its on TV. On labor day they have a west Indian Carnival its a  annul celebration in Crow Hights Brooklyn, New York.They have something called the  New york Waterway. What you do there is you can get on  ferries. It starts at new york and ends in new jersey.In New York they have almost every food there.They call it the big apple. Everywhere  in New York  they sell hot dogs.They call it dirty water dogs.This is why I want to go to New york.


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One place I would like to go is Alaska. I would like to go there because there are many things you can do there. You can go hiking ,biking ,fishing and wildlife like bears wolfs whales and moose.  You can explore a rain forest in southeast Alaska  if you get a chance to go farther into alaska. You travel there all by a ferry. You can look at nature will you're on the ferry and look at the animals also.Another thing you can do there is stay up late and see the midnight sun.You can also go to Mt. McKinley. Its very beautiful there and  when there is clear sky you can see it from the state. In alaska if you like to fish but hate waiting than you should fish in Alaska. The fish there comes very fast. You may catch a lot of fish.This is why I want to go to Alaska.


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One place I would like to go is Florida. I would like to go there because it has Disney world there. Disney world is a very fun place for a family trip. You can go to the castle and meet disney characters.Another thing you can do is go to the beach .They have very big and beautiful beaches there. By the beaches they have hotels so you can have a great view.You can go  a hiking. Florida has  a lot of parks to and forest.Also they have nature trails.You can go diving there. You can see the coral reef. Also they have sunken vessels. This is why I want to go to Florida.

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