one place i would like to go is Florida.I want to Univ. of disney.one reason is to ride a lot of rides.To bring stuff for class.To magic kingdom an to get  on the water rides.I  aways want to rind a botes to magie kingdom.I want to go to  animal  kingdom. I want to see donld duke I want to see goofy. I want to pluto. I want to  see jazmea and Alden. I want see snow white. the reason i would think is fun  to get on alot rides and to play a lot of gameswith y family. It well bring are family more togater. I think its a lot like being on disney channle. back to top





the reason iwant to go to las vegas is that they have a disney channle show that shows every night at 9:30 . it is a lot of fun to  be a little bit fun sometimes that is one reason why i want to go to las vegas . now this is one more reason is to party hard. To be with my family.i  think that you can have alot of fun in las vegas. me and my family will go all around the city. I like the best thing we can do is that go to las vegas. it is the best thing for are family. that is the olny way i will go to las vegas. thats why i want to vegas. back to top       








I would like to go to miami because. the beach where the sun is the sand the water. i would like to vist the college it is fun to to see there class. there classes the stuffl there work.cultural arts an medical sports.they have muturl beach and .they are good forthere beachs. they have good wether in miami. they have likehave good beachs that is why i want to go to miami.